At Norman & Associates Wealth Management Inc. , our mission is to help clients attain their personal and financial goals through sound advice, disciplined planning and the implementation of strategic solutions.

Wayne Norman

Meet Wayne Norman

A 20 year veteran in the financial services industry, Wayne brings a wealth of experience to the role of Financial Security Advisor. As the founder of Norman & Associates Wealth Management, Wayne is the primary point of contact and is responsible for the development and implementation of each client’s financial security plans.

Our process

Our process

It starts with understanding your situation and developing a clear picture of what is important to you. Once we have determined your goals and collected all the facts I’ll work on developing the strategies that will drive your financial security plan. Over time your situation and priorities will likely change so regular reviews will help ensure that you stay on track.

Meet the team - Freedom 55 Financial

Meet our team

Through comprehensive analysis, in-depth market research and the support of a team of highly-qualified tax and product specialists available to us through Freedom 55 Financial, we can help you make sense of your options.

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GLC Asset Management Group's Market Matters monthly investment commentary will help to keep you informed when making financial decisions.

Whether you plan to help fund your child's education, build a successful business or retire comfortably, financial products and services should address specific needs in your financial security plan.