Freedom 55 Financial

Our process

Our mission is to help clients attain their personal and financial goals through sound advice, disciplined planning and the implementation of strategic solutions.

Balanced Advice

For many individuals and business owners a diversified investment portfolio is only part of the equation; without adequate risk management and tax planning even the best laid plans can be derailed overtime.

Working in collaboration with a team of tax, insurance and investment specialists available to me through Freedom 55 Financial, I will create a personalized, tax- efficient financial security plan that addresses every aspect of your financial picture.

The Process

It starts with understanding your situation and developing a clear picture of what is important to you. Once we have determined your goals and collected all the facts I’ll work on developing the strategies that will drive your financial security plan. Over time your situation and priorities will likely change so regular reviews will help ensure that you stay on track.

Norman & Associates Wealth Management Inc. | Process

1. Discover

Understanding your goals and constraints.

2. Analyze

Assess your current situation and identify future opportunities.

3. Develop

Formulate ideas & strategies, evaluate and refine.

4. Deploy

Implement your financial action plan.

5. Manage

Review, measure and optimize as necessary.