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The value of a financial security advisor

Imagine the feeling of freedom that comes with having a sense of control over your financial future. That sense of empowerment is just one benefit of working with an advisor.

According to recent studies, Canadian households who work with a financial advisor are twice as likely to save regularly for retirement than those who do not* and accumulate more than 1.5 times more assets than identical non-advised households over a period of only four to six years.**

Building wealth by having a plan

Those who seek professional guidance recognize that an advisor does more than just invest your money.

An advisor is a trusted partner and coach who helps you identify your short, medium and long-range financial goals and tolerance for risk, and then develops a complete, customized financial security plan that evolves with your changing life circumstances.

This holistic approach to your financial security can include advice on everything from tax strategies, estate planning, and retirement savings, to education savings, insurance, and risk management. An advisor is also able to provide recommendations for other experts like attorneys and accountants, if necessary.

You benefit from your advisor’s:

  • Experience: An advisor will help you save early and save often
  • Expertise: An advisor will help you make tax-efficient investments and manage your risk
  • Impartiality: An advisor offers objective guidance, especially during volatile markets, helping you avoid emotional decision-making
  • Support: An advisor keeps your long-term plans on track, helping you successfully navigate unexpected financial or personal emergencies
  • Time: An advisor’s full-time job is to understand the intricacies and range of available investment products and insurance options

Regardless of your current career, lifestyle, family, or retirement plans, establishing a relationship with an advisor today can help you develop a plan to achieve your goals tomorrow.

To find out how an advisor can help you, call today. We will begin with a simple, yet effective 20-minute process that will help you identify your specific priorities.

* Investment Funds Institute of Canada, The value of financial advice, 2011

** CIRANO – Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis in Organizations, An Econometric Analysis of Value of Advice in Canada